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Cakes A Bake Lactation Cookies are full of natural milk-boosting ingredients that encourage a mother's natural milk production


Lux Hot Cocoa Bombs

Fun and yummy! Hot Cocoa bombs take your regular cup of cocoa to the next level! Chocolate shells filled with cocoa and marshmallows. Place the Chocolate bomb in a big mug and pour hot milk and/or water over it. Now it is time to watch the magic happen ! Once your bomb "explodes" stir and enjoy a hot cup of some of the best cocoa you have ever tasted. (Available during Holiday season only)



From traditional to custom decorated, the sky is the limit when it comes to these cute little mini cakes!

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Testimonials from our clients

I noticed a dip in my milk supply, your cookies helped me so much, the caramel apple oat are my fave! I appreciate you.

Ivy Burks

These hot cocoa bombs seriously delivered! My kids loved them and they were super delicious. Cakes A Bake was super responsive and very easy to order from!!

Alicia Carpenter

I can give a full testament on taste and functionality for anyone on the fence. They are delicious!!

Elise Rocco

I recently ordered oatmeal lactation cookies from her and I am completely impressed with how quickly they worked! I was having issues producing milk lately and was advised to eat 2 cookies a day at least to jump start the process and saw improvement the next day. They were very tasty and my milk supply is coming in great! I will most definitely be recommending her and ordering more in the future ! 😊

Iris Rodriguez

Golden dreams layer cake perfect for birthday and/or bridal showers

Oatmeal raisin Lactation Cookies

Custom birthday cake