Cakes A Bake is Black Woman Owned and Operated!


Cakes A Bake was started by owner/operator Autumn Miller; a small batch bakery that specializes in lactation cookies.



Autumn began making lactation cookies to support her youngest child, who remained in the NICU after a pre-term birth; she was born at 32 weeks via emergency C-section. To help her daughter, Autumn decided it was best to breastfeed. However, she didn’t realize the difficulty of producing milk around the clock without having her daughter around the clock. It was a very hard and stressful time. But Autumn’s earnest research on how to help herself yielded results. She read there were natural herbs and foods that help mothers produce more milk and from there, she went to work.



She made lactation cookies and brownies to help her produce more milk when apart from her daughter. The lactation cookies, combined with water and plenty of support from family and friends, were her saving grace. This personal experience is when Cakes A Bake turned from a hobby to a passion. Autumn wanted to help other mothers who desired to nurse their babies but may struggled for whatever reason; whether it is because their child is in the NICU or because thy themselves must return to work. 





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Autumn and her 2 youngest children

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